Making the right choice is essential when developing a business, a company or a life project along the road to success. In ALCOBENDAS HUB we have built an ecosystem designed to facilitate both your business and personal projects in Alcobendas.

ALCOBENDAS HUB consists of a team of highly qualified professionals prepared to help you on your road to success, with a range of high quality services that can add great value to the decision-making process.

Backed by Alcobendas Town Council with the collaboration of the AICA (Businessmen´s Association of Alcobendas) our hub has input and involvement from major companies as well as the social, educational, sporting and cultural sectors in the city.



A methodology designed to help companies (and people) from prospecting to installation in Alcobendas.

Business services…

From the moment of beginning the task of prospecting, the professionals of ALCOBENDAS HUB are at the investor’s side offering information, providing assistance and facilitating the formalities up to the start of the project.


… And we do not stay there, ALCOBENDAS HUB is ready to provide everything necessary for your personal and family transfer