A city with the perfect size to start a business, a market full of opportunities and a united and accesible ecosystem to make your StartUp grow.


Our city’s entrepreneurial environment highlights due to its stability, conectivity and accesibility. Thus, Alcobendas Hub encourages:

  • The relation between companies through networkings and forums aimed to strengthening synergies betweem them.
  • Development of innovative and technological experimental projects.
  • Funding, partners and collaborators search in order to develop successful company plans.
  • Alcobendas’ entrepreneurial ecosystem turns the city into an ideal entry point for Startups into the market.

In Alcobendas, we have a multitude of coworking spaces and business centers available for you.

Coworking spaces and business centers (SP)


Alcobendas is the third city in Spain by business turnover (77.5 billion €), only behind Madrid and Barcelona. With more than 16,000 companies and 500 multinationals, it is one of the most important economic hubs of Spain.

Moreover, being only 10 minutes away from Madrid downtown and Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, Alcobendas provides companies a direct connection to anywhere in Spain and 80 countries around the world.

Furthermore, it enjoys a great transport system within the Region of Madrid (4 metro stations, 2 commuter train stations and 41 bus lines), as well as Information Technologies (full 4G coverage, 200Gb/sec optic fibre and 3 set data centres).


Startup Alcobendas accelerator supports the evolution of innovative entrepreneurial projects at their startup stage.

The support is carried out from the beginning to the consolidation stage, through measures that enable maturation and business model development, for which support is provided by the Project Promotion Committee made up of investors, companies’ representatives, business development experts and representatives from universities linked to Alcobendas, as well as members from the Local Government.

For more information about Startup Alcobendas, visit:

Startup Alcobendas


During 2020, Alcobendas Hub has launched the Intelligent Urban Lab. This Digital Innovation Hub is a cooperation ecosystem, made up of multiple partners (corporations, SMEs, public administrations, associations, research and education centres, etc.), focused in innovation opportunities to support the digital transformation of companies and public administrations. Within the Intelligent Urban Lab, you can:

  • Test and experiment with the newest digital technologies.
  • Develop new products and access the ecosystem.
  • Obtain information, advice and market intelligence.
  • Get funding opportunities for products and services development.

For more information about the Intelligent Urban Lab, visit:

Intelligent Urban Lab


Alcobendas possesses an unique ecosystem, known as the “Spanish Silicon Valley”, being the 2nd city in Spain by turnover of its 16,000 companies. It is the ideal place to undertake, work, life and personally and professionally grow up:

  • Alcobendas is 15 minutes away from downtown Madrid and 10 minutes away from Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas International Airport.
  • More than 30,000 youngsters study at the top level universities located in Alcobendas.
  • Alcobendas has more than 8,000 federated athletes and 144 sport associations.
  • There is a wide range of leisure areas, restarants, cinemas, national museums, cultural activities, shopping areas, etc.
  • The whole city is integrated within a green and sustainable environment, with protected forests and 35 green areas.

If you wish to know more about the city, downloas the pdf:

Alcobendas es joven (ES)

Investment services

At the HUB, we have designed an ecosystem to enable you to set up your business and hire staff in Alcobendas. We can offer you the best support for your investment.