In recent months you may have heard someone in your environment say that times of crisis such as those we are currently experiencing are the best times to launch into business. This is true, but before starting up, it is very important to think for a moment about which sectors it is best to start up.

There are sectors that are being greatly affected, others are rising like crazy, but it is possible that after a while they will deflate again and others that will remain. We would like to talk about the latter and in this post we bring you four sectors that are growing exponentially but due to their characteristics it is difficult for them to lose value after the crisis.

4-sectors-more-opportunities- entrepreneurship

Fintech: Fintech brings together all those companies that seek to offer new financial services to users through innovation in the field of telecommunications, information technology and Big Data. One of the clearest examples of this sector is mobile or digital banking applications.

Logistics: with the increase of e-commerce opens a wide range of possibilities in the transport sector and although it is true that giants like Amazon have a large fleet, it can be much more interesting to create a short range logistics network which allows all those small businesses that have just started selling online can get their products to their customers.

Mobility: the way we move has changed and that gives way to new projects that are willing to accept the challenge of making that change possible. This new mobility will undoubtedly be linked to projects focused on sustainable mobility, in any of its aspects, promoting car sharing, electric vehicles… that make this sector one of the most interesting.

eHealth: health could not be absent from a ranking on sectors of the future. In recent months it has become one of the highest priorities on a global level, as the pandemic has led us to rethink our health systems and this has led to a demand for their digitalisation. Undoubtedly, this means that the health sector has a great capacity for growth and is a place of opportunity for those who dare to go digital.

From Alcobendas Hub we put all our experience at your disposal to be able to face your project and to make it grow in any of these sectors. In addition to our new innovation centre, Intelligent Urban Lab, we can make your ideas unstoppable with the help of our collaborating entities.