When launching a new project, choosing a place to settle and start shaping it can be fundamental. When this has happened in these times of Covid-19, there was no choice but to do it from home and launch into teleworking as the vast majority of companies. But in the comfort of your own home, it is possible that when you start to develop your own project, you will miss out on many other things that can also help you to move forward. 

For this purpose, coworkings or business centers can be a fantastic idea due to the many advantages listed in this post below.

coworkings-business-centers-advantages-sharing-space developing-project
  1. Have a support network: both coworkings and business centers usually have a team of experts to help all those entrepreneurs, startups or freelancers who are starting in everything related to the growth of their project, from establishing contacts of interest with other companies or investors or receive advice from mentors.
  2. Projecting a professional image: when you are starting out money is scarce and you have to think very carefully about what to invest each euro in. For this reason, many people start their projects from home because their economy does not allow them to afford an office. That’s where coworkers and business centres can give us a hand. They provide that professional workspace that allows you to work, hold meetings with potential clients and even with your team. And most importantly, many of the expenses such as electricity, water, reprographics, telephone are already included in the fee you pay monthly.
  3. Promotion of networking: in every entrepreneurial career, networking is fundamental. Spaces such as these allow you to be in contact with the ecosystem and generate professional relationships that either allow you to advance with the project or help with some part of the business that is not very well mastered.
  4. Separate your personal life from your professional life: having a place to work allows you to better separate your personal life from your professional life. This aspect has been important especially in these times of teleworking by Covid-19 in which sometimes reconciling work and personal life has been complicated.

All advantages allow the viability of your project to be much greater when you develop it in a coworking or business centre.

In Alcobendas we know how important it is to have a space where the entrepreneur or self-employed person feels at ease and, above all, where the economic situation is not favourable, where they can carry out their activity with no other worries than moving their project forward. Therefore, we leave you with our complete guide to coworking spaces and business centres where you can set up as a company.